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Through our consultancy service, we seek to answer any queries you have regarding your rights, the process and more. We shall connect you to an experienced professional.

You may fill the form anonymously as well. All our team members and consultants are bound by confidentiality and are here to support you.

Fill in the google form above for the consultant to understand your queries. In the form, fill in your preferred mode of communication, we will get back to you on a platform you are comfortable communicating on within two weeks at most.

You can fill it anonymously as the form does not require you to fill in your name or the offenders name. You may use a friends email ID, use proton mail or "wire" app for anonymous communication. If you choose to use the "wire" app, you can download the app and set up your account with an un-identifiable name, which you may fill in the form for us to contact you. 

NOTE: Through our services, we shall do our best to connect you with a consultant to address your queries. Any information transmitted, received or used or any other communication between you and the consultant will be completely confidential and the relationship between you and the consultant shall be akin to lawyer-client only for the purposes of the advice rendered in the 2-3 consultation sessions and not beyond that at any point of time. The consultant can in no way represent you in a proceeding as per the PoSH Rules.

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